Adoption is a celebration, a welcome new addition to the family. It should be a time of joy and happiness. You want someone knowledgeable and caring to handle this special area of law. We are skilled in handling all potential consequences and developments that can arise in the process of an adoption. We handle stepparent, grandparent and extended family member adoption. Many adoptions involve extensive paperwork and may place you at risk of legal complications. We understand that this may be a confusing process so we take special care to resolve adoptions as quickly as possible while doing everything possible to minimize or eliminate the problems inherent in this process.

There are essentially four types of adoption available in Louisiana:

  1. Public or foster care adoptions
  2. Intrafamily adoptions: Allowing a child to be adopted by a legal relative
  3. Agency adoptions
  4. Private or independent adoptions: occur without an agency, usually through an attorney

Louisiana adoption laws require strict compliance because they deprive a parent of their natural and constitutional right to raise their child.  Failure to strictly comply with these legal requirements will render an adoption absolutely null and void.  It is therefore critical for an adoptive couple to consult a licensed adoption agency or licensed attorney experienced with adoptions.

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